What color is my hamster?

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Berichtdoor Unique-Hamsters » 20 jun 2010 18:44


I also have such a hamster. Both parents did not have this color, so it must be recessive.

The different betweet dominant spot is:

- the spots and points are "washed"
- there is no blaze as a dominant spot
- my hamster has a white nose
- the line on his back
- it's recessive!

This is my boy, 8 Weeks old


Sonja :)

Ps: Sorry i hope you could understand me :bloos:
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Berichtdoor morgantcm » 20 jun 2010 18:56

Welcome to the Dutch hamster forum. I separated your post from the other topic, so now you have your own topic.
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Berichtdoor Martin Braak » 20 jun 2010 19:01

May I ask where your hamster comes from. And can you show the hamster from beside so we can see the structuur of the spots.
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Berichtdoor Engeltje85 » 20 jun 2010 19:02

Hey Sonja,

nice to see you here. ;)
Your boy is looking like Kiara.
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Berichtdoor Unique-Hamsters » 20 jun 2010 19:06

Hi Martin,

i've got him from a commercially breeder in germany and meets him on a market. He told me, that he gets the parents from the Netherlands.

Sonja :)

Ps.: yes i will take a photo now...

Ps2: Photos!
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Berichtdoor **Lilia** » 20 jun 2010 20:16

WAUW he's really beautiful.. If you ever want him to move to someone else! :+:
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Berichtdoor paper-neko-art » 20 jun 2010 21:02

so beautifull :+:
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Berichtdoor Unique-Hamsters » 07 jul 2010 21:35

Hey you all,

thanks for your comments, but what is my hamster? Not Schimmel - not Dominant Spot... What else?

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Berichtdoor Angelique0203 » 07 jul 2010 21:53

Hello Sonja,

Welcome to the forum, i like your hamster!:)
Sorry but i can`t say what your hamster is.

I`ll hope you find out what for hamster you have.

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Berichtdoor Echo » 07 jul 2010 23:32

Wauw, he looks very good :+:

Do you know his genetic code? Or the codes of his parents?
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Berichtdoor Unique-Hamsters » 08 jul 2010 08:21

Hey Echo,

no i don't know them. I thought about Schimmel but it's not the same and with dom. spot. too. I know 3 hamsters in this color. They have all the line on his back and the white "Schimmel" nose, white under the ears. I think that it is not dominant but I will take in 2 month a litter to test him.

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Berichtdoor Agnes » 08 jul 2010 19:24

Why do you think it's not Schimmel?
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